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The SurfLenses project (January 2014 – March 2017), supported by the European network M-ERA.NET, aimed to develop new efficient systems with controlled rate of drug-elution, for the treatment/prophylaxis of ocular diseases and post-surgical infections. Several strategies were followed, being given particular attention to the coating/surface modification of drug-loaded ophthalmic lens materials for soft contact lenses (SCLs) and intra ocular lenses IOLs.

Given the inexistence in the ophthalmological therapeutic arsenal of such type of drug delivery systems, their development is regarded as a major clinical advance and has been subject of particular interest by ophthalmic lens manufacturers.

This new concept shall have a positive impact on peoples’ quality of life, comfort and working ability at long term, leading also to savings for healthcare systems. It will contribute for the “Active and Healthy Ageing” which has been elected by the European Union as global priority.

To achieve the project purposes, it was gathered an international multidisciplinary team of experienced and young researchers from academy, clinics and industry, with complementary skills/expertise in areas like biomaterials, chemistry, pharmacy/drug delivery, microbiology mathematics and ophthalmology.

The cooperation between the partners, which allowed producing high quality and innovative work, already led to other funded common projects related with this subject, and is expected to be maintained in the future.
Here, is given a brief overview of the objectives of the project, team and main achievements.

Ana Paula Serro
(Principal Investigator of the Project)


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